International Interior Design Exhibition

client: IIDE
location: Taiwan
status: completed

Marketing, branding, editorials, website, book and copywriting for the 2011 IIDE in Taipei, Taiwan. This international exhibition, entitled 'Influence and Confluence' showcased the work by ten international and ten Taiwanese interior designers and architects, which at the time were considered to be the best in the field. The project also includes a book with interviews with the designers.

The exhibition was held in the Songshan Tobacco factory in Taipei, a beautiful, sprawling early 20th century industrial complex in the heart of the city. The factory’s design was based on the integration of Japanese, European, and American architectural characteristics and is, as such, the perfect venue for an exhibition that investigates influence and confluence in design.

  • consultancy
  • copywriting
  • web copy
  • press & pr
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