delivering the message

web & advertising

always on

With a website, your business is always available, day and night. Be accessible, answer questions, show your stuff - 24/7.
get your business online


let the web work for you

If you are serious about your business, you need a good website, with a modern design, convincing, error-free copywriting and web pages that display perfectly on any screen.
A website is always on. It is working for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, highlighting your services, providing information on your products, and showing the world that you are a professional business.
Google search results almost always point people to your website first. Make sure that that your first impression is a perfect one.


website design

We design the perfect customized look for your business, whether you are B2B or B2C, an established international company or a local creative startup.


Slogans, banners, body text, company profile, product descriptions: we write it all in perfect English, and translate it for you as well.

desktop & mobile

Our sites are fully responsive and display perfectly on all screens, automatically adapting the website's layout to fit the available screen area.


We provide a customized Content Management System that makes maintaining and updating your website a breeze.

spread the word

tell the world what you have to offer. We make sure your message hits home.
print, web and OOH


your message is our mission

Advertising is not about us showing off our creative ideas. It is all about you. What you want to say, and who you want to say it to. Our job is to tell your story, not ours.
This is why we get to know you first. We listen before we talk. We dig deep until we truly understand your business and your goals. Only when we know what you want to tell the world, do we unleash out creativity and create the print ads, newsletters and tv commercials that bring your story to life.


concept & ideation

Advertising starts with two questions: what you want to say, and who you want to say it to. We discover the core of your message, and spin it into a story that reached the heart and mind of your target audience. Our creative ideas are limitless, but our focus is always on the mission: your story, your results.

graphic design

Look Right offers full design services, from infographics to art direction for print and web. Our direct access to an international team of experienced designers means we are always able to deliver the design style that suits your brand, your message and your chosen medium.


We deliver words for all occasions, from short copy for slogans, product names or taglines, as well as long copy for flyers, brochures, print advertising, advertorials, magazine articles, manuals - even books. If you want to say something, we will help you find the most powerful and effective way to say it.

move it

Bring your story to life on any screen. Capture the action with powerful multimedia.
Create moving pictures that move people.
stories in motion


video and animation

Video tells the story like no other medium. And multimedia is not just for television or YouTube: more and more companies are using video to share ideas with employees and customers alike, and use video for meetings, business incentives, trade shows and presentations as well.

We have a strong background in television and film, and consider ourselves expert storytellers in short and long form, from 10 second commercials to 30 minute infomercials. Do you have a message that needs a moving canvas? Let us take your story to a whole new level.