we are storytellers
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Look Right is a global branding, marketing and communications agency based in Taiwan, with members and clients spread out over four continents.
We offer a different outlook on marketing and branding: more direct, more involved, and definitely more passionate.
Every business - from creative startup to global consumer brand - has a story to tell. We are experts at finding that story, and telling it to the world in the most alluring, unforgettable way.
We make you shine, stand out and stand proud. Look professional, look right and get the story of your business out there today.
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we are storytellers

a different look

We don’t like the over-used terms “branding” and “marketing”. Yet, for lack of better words, this is what we do.

We are storytellers. We look at your business, and find out what makes it tick. We look at what your customers want and need from you. And then we spin your selling propositions and unique qualities into a compelling story that delivers your message in the most professional manner.

Whether you are a creative startup or an international company, you always need to convince someone that you've got what it takes. This is what we do best: we find your story, tell it to the world and create the perfect, professional impression.

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We design the perfect look for your business: logos, brand style guides, core values, slogans, about us text, company profile.


We deliver your story to your target audience with maximum effect. Newsletters, mailings, brochures, flyers, presentations, incentives, and more.

creative industry

We empower creative entrepreneurs with affordable solutions for CI branding, international websites, retail consultancy, promotional materials, press & PR.

career branding

Rise above the crowd and show the world how professional you are. We provide professional career/resume websites, portfolios, full resume services and copywriting.

web & advertising

We help you get your ideas across to a global audience with international websites, magazine ads, TV commercials, multimedia, print and OOH media.


We have a passion for what we do, and we love to share it. Empower the creative energy of your employees with our trainings and workshops, and build your own in-house team of experts.

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Small and
Medium-sized Enterprise

When you are focused on survival and growth, you have little time or budget for dressing up.

Yet with a professional, alluring brand look, you can immediately reassure your potential customers that you are for real - and able to deliver.

Look great, tell a compelling story and leave your competition in the dust.

  • brand style guide
  • user-friendly website
  • basic Identity kit
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Staying ahead of the competition, and turning leads into solid business opportunities is the name of the game.

Show your potential clients that you care about them, and that you fully understand what they want and need.

Deliver the promise right up front - and secure the business.

  • full brand identity
  • PR and copywriting
  • presentation materials

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Consumer attention is fleeting and the competition for attention is fierce. Scoring on sight is essential to success.

Deliver your compelling message fast and effective, and consistent across a range of media channels.

  • product & brand design
  • packaging and collateral
  • copywriting
  • print & graphic design
  • multimedia
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Creative and

If you are an artist or designer, chances are you don't give much thought to marketing and branding. Yet building a strong brand identity for your ideas can help you jump to the next level.

Looking organized, professional and international is the best way to communicate to your audience that you are serious about what you do.

  • logo & brand identity
  • international website
  • startup marketing kit

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meet the global team

Look Right offers the best international experts

Look Right is based in Taiwan, with clients and team members spread over four continents. Our office is located in Taipei, but our meeting room is any place with a decent Wi-Fi signal and two bars on the phone. But just because we're spread out, it does not mean we are not extremely focused.

The core of Look Right agency is formed by founder/owner Luuk F. van Heerde and a small team of dedicated international freelancers who have been working together in the current configuration for over a decade, using mostly cloud-based file sharing, VOIP and on-line collaboration tools instead of carbon-crunching air travel to meet up and work together.

  • International outlook and experience
  • Flexible in scope and service
  • Inspired global professionals