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There is no real "we" in Look Right, because we are basically a fluid, globally operating agency that has a few staff members, but tons of in-house freelance talent.

Look Right consists of founder/owner Luuk F. van Heerde and a team of dedicated international freelancers who have been working together in the current configuration for over a decade, using mostly cloud-based file sharing, Skype and on-line collaboration instead of carbon-emitting plane tickets, to meet and work together. Our office is located in Taiwan, but our meeting room is any place with a decent Wi-Fi signal and two bars on the phone. Just because we're spread out, it does not mean we are not extremely focused. This successful combination of flexibility and shared international experiences allows Look Right to assemble the best possible team for each client.

We work mainly online and on-site, and try to cooperate closely with our customer's existing staff. If you prefer, you can keep working with your own selected free-lancers, but we can bring in our own experts as well. The most important thing is that you get to choose how and where you spend your money.

a few good reasons

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we are flexible

We assemble and customize the team to fit your job - not the other way around. This means you only pay for the services you get - and not for our fancy office or overhead.

we are inspired

All of us are experienced professionals with a true passion for what we do - we love our work. Every time we work together, the result is always more than the sum of the parts.

we are experienced

With a collective portfolio that spans the globe and covers almost any conceivable industry, we have a wealth of individual experience and a great deal of practical knowledge to share.

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We guarantee you will come away inspired by a host of brand new possibilities.

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