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Our workshops are designed to break the routine and inspire and inform teams with new insights, valuable information and practical advice. Get your staff motivated, enthusiastic and informed at the same time with a workshop that is guaranteed to bring the room alive.

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We take current trends and issues, such as 21st century branding, growth hacking and global marketing, and explain them in terms of what they could mean to your business. We also explore global topics such as the difference between Eastern and Western business culture and international consumer expectations.

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Only an open mind is capable of absorbing information and creating new ideas. That is why we keep our workshops fresh and alive with interesting topics that are always relevant to your immediate situation. We prove that business workshops can be informative and fun.

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Each of our workshops is unique. We fit the topic to your exact business situation and create a custom-built presentation specifically for you.

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The workshops below are a selection of the many that we currently offer to our clients. We can adapt any of these topics to your specific situation, or even create a brand new workshop from scratch to fit your exact requirements.
  • Creative Growth Hacking

    Growth hacking is an effective, affordable and accessible method to achieve the vital growth that any starting business needs to survive the first few critical years.

  • 21st Century Branding

    The steady decline of Big Brands offers a host of new opportunities for smaller businesses, but how do you capture your audience in the ever-changing 21st century marketplace?

  • Pop-Up Power

    Get more out of your temporary retail space. Learn how to use basic marketing, branding and retail strategies that will turn your popup-shop into a successful launch platform for your brand.

  • Empower your PowerPoint

    Don't put your audience to sleep with boring PowerPoint slides and a rambling narrative. Bring your story to life, engage the crowd and make a lasting impression. Learn all about the structures of dramatic storytelling and the best way to combine images, animations, and words on the screen.

  • Get Dressed!

    A workshop for Taiwanese artists, designers and entrepreneurs with practical tools to empower their creative talents. It takes an in-depth look at the difference in graphic design, language, information architecture and personal communication between Taiwan, the USA and Europe, and offers practical solutions for global success.

  • Pitch Perfect

    This energizing, highly interactive workshop teaches you how to pitch your idea and fight for it. Participants will gain valuable insight into the basic principles of communication in marketing and branding, and will learn to successfully pitch their dream projects to an audience.


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